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Thread: Tony Cennamo retired Jazz Dj 25yrs @ Wbur,Boston

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    Tony Cennamo retired Jazz Dj 25yrs @ Wbur,Boston

    Hi all, I'm Tony Cennamo's son James.Tony was an intricate part of the Jazz scene in Boston ma for over 25 yrs. He's been out of the "scene" for quite awhile due to poor health. A lot of people ask "how's Tony?", "where's Tony?"
    etc. Wbur changed their format in '97 and TC was forced to retire.He's in a nursing home now.I put up one of those free web pages on msn to update his ol' fans and friends.It's a free site, no gimmicks, check it out, read the blogs and leave a comment. There's also great pics of Tony and some Jazz legends. ...
    Thanks! sincerely, James Cennamo

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    Thanks for the information, James. I spent many pleasant hours listening to your father when I lived in Massachusetts. Pass along best wishes from a longtime listener.

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