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    On Christmas Eve, 1908, Mr and Mrs Smith, of Pembroke GA were not so much waiting for Santa as they were attending the birth of their little boy, Cladys.

    Little Cladys grew up to be the great JABBO SMITH, who played trumpet, trombone and also sang.

    Jabbo was not hiding his light under a bushel, as Milt Hinton recalled. "I remember several occasions when Louis was at the Savoy and he'd say something like, 'Let me play something with you! I'll blow you down.' "

    Although I don't think that Jabbo actually blew Louis down, he certainly played what some described as a fast-moving, stratospheric style, which he characterized it as "running horn with lots of notes".
    Roy Eldridge later took this style to new heights.

    By 1929 Smith had worked with Charlie Johnson, Duke Ellington [with whom he recorded] and James P. Johnson. In that same year, Smith actually replaced Louis Armstrong as featured soloist with Carroll Dickerson's orchestra at the Showboat in Chicago.
    But, although Smith was hired to replace Pops, he didn't show up and that must have secretly pleased Armstrong.

    Unfortunately, Smith was known to be unreliable, though a fabulous player. He was a mega-juicer and he loved the ladies.
    In 1928 he had been hired by Brunswick as an "alternative" Louis Armstrong and recorded nineteen brilliant sides.

    However, it was not unusual for him to arrive two hours late, if he showed up at all, even when he was headlining at Chicago clubs.
    His activities outside the music very often took first place and he bounced between Milwaukee and Chicago.

    His career went into a downhill spin in the 1930's and in 1941 he was seen playing in a Newark club by Phil Stern.

    Stern said of Jabbo, "He was kind of down and out. He was sickly and his lip was bad, and he had a miserable room in Milwaukee.
    Little was heard of Smith from the late forties until the seventies.

    By then Jabbo had slowed down and taken day jobs, recharging his batteries. In the seventies, he re-launched his career, and took a leading role in the New York musical, "One More Time".
    He was a celebraty again and appeared in film documentaries, as well as telling his story to writer, Whitney Balliett.

    Jabbo Smith died in 1991.

    My favourite Smith record is "Jabbo Smith 1929-38 [Classics]. This is stuff done by Smith's Rhythm Aces, as well as a 1938 session with his eight piece band.

    More eggnog, with dark rum, in the air for the great JABBO SMITH!!!

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    25th December

    Iiiiiiit's Christmas!!!!

    Happy Christmas Everyone, especially to my fellow birthday contributors

    Have I got a birthday list for you. I think this one would even tax EKE's ingenuity to produce photos. Talking of which -- No EKE, the baby is too young for a train set.

    What is it about the 25th of December that produces so many jazz musicians? Come on ladies spill the beans. Is this a deliberate ploy? Going for the Christmas present that no-one else can give??

    Anyway here they are

    Ernie Andrews -------- Vocals ----------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1927
    Cab Calloway --------- Vocals ----------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1907
    Wayman Carver -------- Saxophone -------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1905 - 06/May/1967
    Louis Cottrell Sr. --- Drums ------------------ USA ------- 25/Dec/1878 - 17/Oct/1927
    Ronnie Cuber --------- Saxophone -------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1941
    Izzy Friedman -------- Clarinet & Saxophone --- USA ------- 25/Dec/1903
    Eddie Gibbs ---------- Guitar, Banjo, Bass ---- USA ------- 25/Dec/1908
    Bob James ------------ Keyboards -------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1939
    Pat Jenkins ---------- Trumpet ---------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1914
    Harry Klein ---------- Clarinet, Saxophone ---- England --- 25/Dec/1928
    Harry Lawson --------- Trumpet, Trombone ------ USA ------- 25/Dec/1904
    Oscar Moore ---------- Guitar ----------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1912 - 08/Oct/1981
    Kid Ory -------------- Trombone --------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1886 - 23/Jan/1973
    Don Pullen ----------- Piano ------------------ USA ------- 25/Dec/1941 - 22/Apr/1995
    Jim Robinson --------- Trombone --------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1892 - 04/May/1976
    Eddie Safranski ------ Bass ------------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1918 - 10/Jan/1974
    Chris Woods ---------- Saxophone -------------- USA ------- 25/Dec/1925 - 04/Jul/1985

    Dale Barlow, Tenor Sax, b.1959, Sydney, Australia
    Merritt Brunies, Cornet, 1895-1973, New Orleans, LA
    Joe Butler, Bass, 1907-1982, New Orleans, LA
    Chris Ellis, Vocal, b.1928, Shrewsbury, England
    Chucho Merchan, Bass, b.1953, Bogota, Columbia
    Pete Rugolo, Arranger/Composer, b.1915, San Piero, Sicily

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    Yes, Tenorman. It's a plot hatched by we women to show our quiet power.

    On Christmas Day, 1905, the Carvers of Portsmouth Virginia welcomed their new son, WAYMAN CARVER.

    There was a flute and piccolo specialist named Flutes Morton, playing at the Sunset Cafe in Chicago in the mid-twenties, but Carver was one of the very first JAZZ flautists and was the first to be featured on record.

    Wayman Carter took up the flute at fourteen years old and for two years he was with Elmer Snowden starting in 1931-32.
    He then joined Benny Carter for the next two years and was featuring on Spike Hughes' 1933 New York session and that was the session that produced the mega-hit, "Sweet Sue, Just You".

    When 1934 rolled around, Carver was working for Chick Webb and Ella Fitzgerald and his arrangements for "My Heart Belongs To Daddy" and "Down Home Rag" were among his contributions.

    Wayman Carter quit full time bandwork and turned to teaching, becoming professor of music at Clark College in Georgia and taught there until he died in May of 1967, much too early at only fifty-two years old.

    I was interested to discover that two of Wayman Carver's pupils were George Adams and also Marian Brown.

    There is a Chick Webb collection, "Chick Webb 1935-38 [Classics] which features Carver in some of the most skillful and beautiful swing-era miniatures I've heard. Try and find this collection to hear the magic of Wayman Carter.

    A glass of really good burgundy would be appropriate on this Christmas Day, honouring the wonderful WAYMAN CARVER!!!


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    26th December

    Well it is kind of lonely here today. There is me and 3 anonymous others on the board just now. Everytime I hit a key there is an echo echo echo.

    Well the Christmas rush is over, and we are in to the more normal birth rate of Boxing Day

    George "Butch" Ballard --- Drums ----------- USA ------- 26/Dec/1917
    Guy Barker --------------- Trumpet --------- England --- 26/Dec/1957
    Monty Budwig ------------- Bass ------------ USA ------- 26/Dec/1929 - 09/Mar/1992
    Una Mae Carlisle --------- Vocals, Piano --- USA ------- 26/Dec/1915 - 07/Nov/1956
    John Scofield ------------ Guitar ---------- USA ------- 26/Dec/1951
    Quinn Wilson ------------- Bass ------------ USA ------- 26/Dec/1908 - 14/Jun/1978

    Billy Bean, Guitar, b.1933, Philadelphia, PA
    Frank De La Rosa, Bass, b.1933, El Paso, TX
    Lowell Dickerson, Piano, b.1944, Los Angeles, CA
    Brooks Kerr, Piano, b.1951, New Haven, CT

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    I was curious. Did anyone ever record a song on Christmas Day. Bang the query into my computer and wait for the expected "Don't be daft" message. (Actually "No data fitted your parameters"), but lo and behold

    Dinah Shore recorded "The Christmas Song" on 25th December 1945. No doubt there were other songs recorded at the session, but that is the only one in my collection. It was a studio session in Hollywood, so it may have been destined for a live broadcast

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    Originally posted by Tenorman
    I was curious. Did anyone ever record a song on Christmas Day. Bang the query into my computer and wait for the expected "Don't be daft" message. (Actually "No data fitted your parameters"), but lo and behold

    Dinah Shore recorded "The Christmas Song" on 25th December 1945. No doubt there were other songs recorded at the session, but that is the only one in my collection. It was a studio session in Hollywood, so it may have been destined for a live broadcast

    I would have expected the "Don't Be Daft" message too. How sad, in a way, to be stuck in a recording studio on Christmas Day. But, I guess recording The Christmas Song" on the day makes sort of sense, but...........not really. Yeah. Live broadcast, but still..............

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    27th December

    Eric Breeze ------------ Trombone --- England --- 27/Dec/1912
    Peter Chapman ---------- Bass ------- England --- 27/Dec/1937
    Bill Crow -------------- Bass ------- USA ------- 27/Dec/1927
    Bunk Johnson ----------- Trumpet ---- USA ------- 27/Dec/1889 - 07/Jul/1949
    Matt "Guitar" Murphy --- Guitar ----- USA ------- 27/Dec/1929
    Walter Norris ---------- Piano ------ USA ------- 27/Dec/1931
    Ed Wilcox -------------- Piano ------ USA ------- 27/Dec/1907 - 29/Sep/1968
    Booty Wood ------------- Trombone --- USA ------- 27/Dec/1919 - 10/Jun/1987

    Mike Altschul, Tenor Sax, b.1945, Los Angeles, CA
    Mike Barone, Trombone, b.1936, Detroit, MI
    Willie Foster, Violin, 1888-c1959, McCall, LA
    Gyula Kovacs, Drums, b.1929, Budapest, Hungary

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    28th December

    Two in a row - where is everybody - aaargh they've all left me I can't stand it.

    Anyway, here is the birthday list for the 28th December

    Dick Ball ------------- Bass, Sousaphone ------ England ---- 28/12/1903 - 31/12/1978
    Bob Cunningham -------- Bass ------------------ USA -------- 28/12/1934
    Earl "Fatha" Hines ---- Piano ----------------- USA -------- 28/12/1903 - 22/Apr/1983
    Brian Kellock --------- Piano ----------------- Scotland --- 28/12/1962
    Al Klink -------------- Saxophone, Clarinet --- USA -------- 28/12/1915 07/Mar/1991
    Billy Mackel ---------- Electric Guitar ------- USA -------- 28/12/1912
    Michel Petrucciani ---- Piano ----------------- France ----- 28/12/1962 - 06/Jan/1999
    Lonnie Liston Smith --- Keyboards ------------- USA -------- 28/12/1940
    Ed Thigpen ------------ Drums ----------------- USA -------- 28/12/1930
    Leonard Ware ---------- Guitar ---------------- USA -------- 28/12/1909

    Rene Compere, 1906-1969, Brussels, Belgium
    Moe Koffman, Flute, 1928-2001, Toronto, ONT, Canada
    Johnny Otis, Drums/Vibes, b.1921, Vallejo, CA
    Manuel Perez, Cornet/Leader, 1871-1946, New Orleans, LA
    Dick Sudhalter, Cornet, b.1938, Boston, MA

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    There are other sites which do birthdays as well here is a sample from the Big Bands Database

    December 28 BIRTHDAYS
    1932 Dorsey Burnett, vocals, b: USA

    1950 Alex Chilton, r&r vocals. Member: The Box Tops, and Big Star.

    1953 Richard Clayderman, Piano, b: France

    1906 Rene Compere, b. Brussels, Belgium, d.1969

    1943 Bobby Comstock, rock 'n' roll vocals (1950s and '60s), b: USA

    1934 Bob Cunningham, Bass, b. Cleveland, OH, USA.

    1958 Joe Diffie, C&W vocals.

    1947 Dick Diamonde, vocals/guitar, Member: '60s rock group the Easybeats.

    1929 Ray "Professor" Foxley, , b. Birmingham, AL U.S.A. d. July 6, 2002, (Bell's Palsy) nee: Raymond Geoffrey Foxley. Along with co-founding 'The Gutbucket Six', he helped form 'The Kenlyer Trust Band'. Among the many other Jazz groups with which he worked are Henry Gardiner's Southsiders , Henry Gardiner's Southsiders, Rod Mason, Chris Barber, Colyer's Crane River Jazz Band, Rod Mason, Mick Mulligan, Ken Ingram, Mike Daniels, The Paragon Jazz Band, and Eddie Matthews's Jump Band.

    1905 Earl "Fatha" Hines, Piano/Leader/Composer, b. Duquesne, PA, USA, d. April 22, 1983, Oakland, CA, USA. We could write a book about the "Fatha".

    1915 Al Klink, Tenor Sax, b. Danbury, CT, USA. d.1991

    1925 Hildegard Knef, vocals/actress, b: Ulm, Germany. d. February 1, 2002, Berlin, Germany. She was also a good friend of Marlene Dietrich. She found fame in the U.S. for her performance as a Soviet commissar in Cole Porter's 'Silk Stockings'. She starred opposite Gregory Peck in 'The Snows of Kilimanjaro'.

    1928 Moe Koffman, Flute, b. Toronto, ONT, Canada. Studied saxophone and piano, then switched to the flute becoming well-known jazz flutist in his native Canada and the United States. After a five year stint with in the U.S.A. with the Jimmy Dorsey Orch., he returned to Canada. Curiously, he is best remembered for his composition "Swingin' Shepherd Blues" which, on January 25, 1958, entered the charts becoming a top 40 hit.

    1912 Billy Mackel, Guitar, b. Baltimore, MD. The oldest member, age 90 (Dec.2000) of Lionel Hampton's band, is happily still with us (2000). He played with Lionel from 1944 to 1982.

    1959 Ted Nash, alto & tenor saxes

    1921 Johnny Otis, Drums/Vibes, b. Vallejo, CA, USA. nee: John Veliotes. Began recording in the late 1940's, but didn't have his first big hit until 1958, with "Willie and the Hand Jive". He is credited with discovering such artists as Hank Ballard, Little Willie John, Little Esther Phillips, and Jackie Wilson.

    1871 Manuel Perez, Cornet/Leader, b. New Orleans, LA, USA. d.1946

    1962 Michel Petrucciani, Piano, b. Orange, France, d. Jan. 5, 1999, age 36

    1940 Lonnie Liston, Smith, Piano/Organ, b. Richmond, VA, USA.

    1948 Joseph Zigaboo Modeliste, vocals, member: 'The Meters'.

    1960 Timothy Martin "Marty" Roe, member 'Diamond Rio' band.

    1899 Abner Silver, composer, b. New York, NY, d. Nov. 24, 1966, New York, NY

    1940 Lonnie Liston Smith, Jazz keyboards.

    1915 Roebuck "Pop" Staples, Member (leader): The Staples Singers.

    1938 Dick Sudhalter, Cornet, b. Boston, MA, USA.

    1930 Ed Thigpen, Drums, b Chicago, IL, USA. Ed's father, Ben, was a excellent drummer best remembered for his work with the Andy Kirk Orchestra. In the 1950s, Ed began his own career as a member of the Cootie Williams Band. From 1952 to 1954, he served in the US military, first as a drum instructor and later with the Eighth Army Band in Korea. He first met Oscar Peterson in Japan during a side trip to Tokyo during his time in Korea. IT was to be the start of a long association. On January 1, 1959, on Ray Brown's recommendation, he replaced Herb Ellis in the Oscar Peterson Trio. Prior to that, Ed had worked in New York City with such artists as Toshiko Akiyohi, Jutta Hipp, the Johnny Hodges band, Gil Melle, the Billy Taylor Trio, Lennie Tristano and vocalist Dinah Washington. In 1965, Thigpen relocated in Los Angeles to try his luck as a freelance musician. In 1972, he relocated to Copenhagen, Denmark, performing with his newly formed group, Action-Re-Action. He also began to teach at the Malm Conservatory. He is author of several manuals on drumming techniques including 'Talking Drums' (Toronto, 1965), and 'Rhythm Analysis and Basic Coordination' (Copenhagen, 1977).

    1909 Leonard Ware, Guitar/Composer, b. Richmond, VA, USA.

    1916 Billy Williams, vocals, b: USA

    1946 Edgar Winter, b: USA

    Noteable Events occuring this date include:

    1842. Calixa Lavallee was born in Vercheres, Canada. Composed the music to "O Canada," with words by Judge A.B. Routhier. Lavalle, whose work remains largely unknown, died in Boston, MA, USA in 1891, and is considered one of Canada's musical pioneers. Regretfully, he gave little thought to preserving his own compositions (more than half of them have been lost or destroyed).

    Songs Recorded/Released this date include:

    1944 I Dream Of You , - Tommy Dorsey Orch.
    1944 There Goes That Song Again , - Russ Morgan Orch.
    1951 Bermuda , - Bell Sisters
    1951 Tell Me Why , - Eddie Fisher voc.
    1958 All American Boy, The , - Bobby Bare
    1958 I Cried A Tear , - LaVern Baker
    1958 Goodbye Baby , - Jack Scott
    1959 Village Of St. Bernadette, The , - Andy Williams
    1963 Out Of Limits , - Marketts
    1963 Surfin' Bird , - Trashmen
    1968 Hang 'Em High , - T. Booker and The MG's
    1974 Get Dancin' , - Disco Tex and The Sex-O-Lettes
    1974 Best Of My Love , - Eagles
    1974 Fire , - Ohio Players
    1985 How Will I Know , - Whitney Houston

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    Lots of information there, cut and dry; missing the soul and true tributes all of you give to the birthday boys and girls!
    Sandi from Hermosa Beach

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    Re: 27th December

    Originally posted by Tenorman
    Eric Breeze ------------ Trombone --- England --- 27/Dec/1912
    Peter Chapman ---------- Bass ------- England --- 27/Dec/1937
    Bill Crow -------------- Bass ------- USA ------- 27/Dec/1927
    Bunk Johnson ----------- Trumpet ---- USA ------- 27/Dec/1889 - 07/Jul/1949
    Matt "Guitar" Murphy --- Guitar ----- USA ------- 27/Dec/1929
    Walter Norris ---------- Piano ------ USA ------- 27/Dec/1931
    Ed Wilcox -------------- Piano ------ USA ------- 27/Dec/1907 - 29/Sep/1968
    Booty Wood ------------- Trombone --- USA ------- 27/Dec/1919 - 10/Jun/1987

    Mike Altschul, Tenor Sax, b.1945, Los Angeles, CA
    Mike Barone, Trombone, b.1936, Detroit, MI
    Willie Foster, Violin, 1888-c1959, McCall, LA
    Gyula Kovacs, Drums, b.1929, Budapest, Hungary
    Humblest apologies. Merrymaking took precedence.

    But, on December 27, 1889, BUNK JOHNSON one of the most famous cornet players at the turn of the last century, was born.
    He worked in New Orleans in the early jazz scene.
    Bunk claimed to have been part of Buddy Bolden's band in the 1890's but, given his birth date, that is contradictory.

    However, he DID play with the Eagle Band in New Orleans and Louis Armstrong was most impressed with his playing. His style was not as forceful as Joe Oliver and Freddie Keppard but he carried a melody which can only be described as lyrical and entrancing, according to those who heard him play.

    By 1915, Johnson had left New Orleans and was "between jobs" and turned up in really strange circumstances taking whatever gigs were offered him and then moving on across the country.

    By the 1930's Bunk had pretty well retired, due to dental problems and just a general weariness of not having regular work.
    He left music completely, but was rediscovered by two young researcers, Fred Ramsey and Bill Russell.
    This proved to be the gentle kick in the behind that brought back Bunk's passion for jazz and he began playing again. He became the man at the cutting edge of the New Orleans Jazz revival in the early 1940's.

    Johnson's style has been described as spare with most pristine formation, which some interpreted as a desire to stay with his established repertoire.
    I tend to think that Johnson did prefer a very delicate style, which made him seem rigidly stuck in classic jazz, afraid, or unwilling to improvise.

    One problem that he had, which is not all that uncommon, was his love of heavy drinking.
    For years after his death the stories he told and retold, that he taught Louis Armstrong and and had been a band mate of just about every major star went unchallenged.

    But, whether all, or some or any of the stories Bunk told of his associations were true, he nevertheless remains a rallying point for all that is backward-looking in the traditional jazz music scene.

    So a glass of whatever is left from Christmas, up in the air, to the great BUNK JOHNSON!!!

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    29th December

    Merrymaking - at Christmas??? What a unique idea. Bah Humbug

    Anyway 3 days to go until it is next year, and this year is last year - follow me so far??

    Irving Ashby -------- Guitar ----- USA -------- 29/dec/1920 - 22/Apr/1987
    Cutty Cutshall ------ Trombone --- USA -------- 29/dec/1911 - 16/Aug/1968
    George Elrick ------- Drums ------ Scotland --- 29/dec/1903
    Leo "Snub" Mosley --- Trombone ----USA ------- 29/dec/1905 - 21/Jul/1981
    Danilo Perez -------- Piano ------ Panama ----- 29/dec/1966

    Brian Brown, Tenor Sax, b.1933, Melbourne, Australia
    Thore Ehrling, Trumpet/Leader, b.1912, Stockholm, Sweden
    Jan Konopasek, Baritone Sax, b.1931, Prague, Czechoslovakia
    Joe Lovano, Tenor Sax, b.1952, Cleveland, OH

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    30th December

    We are counting down and it is now two days to go. Well at least by the calendar we use now, in most of the Western world. There is the Chinese New Year, the Jewish New Year and various others. So it is only a human dividing line - Bah Humbug

    Charlie Creath -- Trumpet, Saxophone --- USA ------- 30/Dec/1890 - 23/Oct/1951
    Bo Diddley ------ Guitar --------------- USA ------- 30/Dec/1928
    Jimmy Jones ----- Piano ---------------- USA ------- 30/Dec/1918 - 29/Apr/1982
    Jack Montrose --- Saxophone ------------ USA ------- 30/Dec/1928
    Stan Tracey ----- Piano, Vibes --------- England --- 30/Dec/1926

    Wolfgang Dauner, Piano/Leader, b.1935, Stuttgart, Germany
    Jerry Granelli, Drums, b.1940, San Francisco, CA
    Vincent Lopez, Piano/Leader, 1898-1975, Brooklyn, NY
    Jim Loughnan, Reeds, b.1928, Melbourne, Australia
    Gene Mayl, Bass, b.1928, Dayton, OH
    Albert Warner, Trombone, 1890-1966, New Orleans, LA

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    I must apologize for merrymaking instead of posting bios.
    The Season, family and all that.

    On December 30, 1918 the jazz pianist, JIMMY JONES was born in Memphis.

    Although I could find little about Jones' childhood, by 1943 he was working with Stuff Smith and J.C. Heard, as well as as an accompanist for Sarah Vaughan.

    His work with Vaughan was extensive and his first was in 1947 until 1952 and then he became ill. After two years of a serious illness, he returned to his work with Ms. Vaughan, staying with her from 1954-1958.

    He went on to record a large number of sides, including a well-known set of sessions with the Buck Clayton Jam Session.

    Jones turned to arranging in the 60's and as an MD for Duke Ellington's My People in 1963.

    In 1966 through 1968 he accompanied Ella Fitzgerald.

    Jones then moved to L.A. in 1969 and wrote for TV and films and the score for "Shaft's Big Score" was Jones'.
    He also worked with guitarists Kenny Burrell and with John Collins during that period.

    As a jazz pianist, I would describe Jones as very elegant and gently original, his style comparable to Ellis Larkins's. It was distinguished by audacious single-note lines with an interesting habit of allowing his left hand play blocked chords over the rhythm section's steady pulse. Very interesting style.

    Jones died in April of 1982.

    A good collection to look for is "The Piano Collection Vol 2" [1953-54 Vogue]. This is a re-issued collection of trio session by Al Haig and George Wallington Jones. It contains tracks lead by Jones which were with Sarah Vaughan's rhythm section. Very enjoyable.

    I'm finally out of eggnog, so a snifter of brandy, in the air to the great JIMMY JONES!!!

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    31st December

    This is the longest list you are ever going to see on the Birthdays Thread. The reason for this is that there are a lot of artists whose birth dates are not known with any accuracy, so the reference books quote them as being born "around 1908" or some-such. In these cases I have used 31/12/XX as the date of birth, so look on this as the round-up for the year. (I haven't had the time to chase these through the internet to get accurate DoBs for them, instead relying on Groves and other reference books, so there may be some on the list for whom there is a more accurate birth date)

    It is not necessary to raise a glass to the people on this list individually. (Personally I wouldn't even try it) Instead here is a global toast to everyone on the list, as well as all those who love Jazz - wherever they may be. (I would love to see EKE ploughing through this lot to find Photos )

    My best wishes to everyone for this coming Hogmanay.

    May the best you have ever seen, be the worst you will ever see

    Justin Adams Guitar 31/12/23 02/07/91
    Alger "Texas" Alexander Vocals USA 31/12/1880 31/12/55
    Charlie Alexander Piano USA 31/12/04 31/12/70
    Eric Alexander Saxophone USA 31/12/68
    Moses Allen Bass, Tuba USA 31/12/07 02/02/83
    Josh Altheimer Piano USA 31/12/10 18/11/40
    Ray Anderson Trombone USA 31/12/52
    Cuba Austin Drums USA 31/12/06 31/12/61
    Manolo Badrena Percussion Puerto Rico 31/12/52
    Billy Banks Vocals USA 31/12/08 19/10/67
    Wilbert Baranco Piano USA 31/12/12
    Stanley Barnett Saxophone, Violin England 31/12/00
    Keith Barr Saxophone, Clarinet, Oboe England 31/12/27 31/12/71
    Billy Barton Clarinet, Sax, Vocals USA 31/12/1890
    Jeff Beal Trumpet USA 31/12/63
    Bill Beason Drums USA 31/12/08
    Bill Benford Tuba USA 31/12/02
    David Benoit Piano, Keyboards USA 31/12/53
    Jerry Bergonzi Saxophone USA 31/12/50
    Harry Berly Saxophone, Viola England 31/12/05 31/12/37
    Tim Berne Saxophone USA 31/12/54
    Josh Billings Drums USA 31/12/04 13/03/57
    James Black Drums USA 31/12/67
    Blind Blake Guitar USA 31/12/1893 31/12/33
    Michael Blake Saxophone 31/12/64
    Dupree Bolton Trumpet USA 31/12/29
    Harvey Boone Saxophone & Clarinet USA 31/12/1898 31/12/39
    Henry Bridges Saxophone USA 31/12/08
    Pete Briggs Bass & Tuba USA 31/12/04
    Brian Bromberg Bass 31/12/60
    David "Bubba" Brooks Saxophone USA 31/12/22 31/12/90
    Tom Browne Trumpet 31/12/54
    Mike Bryan Guitar USA 31/12/16 20/08/72
    Teddy Bunn Guitar USA 31/12/09 20/07/78
    Mick Burberry Saxophone England 31/12/00
    Bobby Burnet Trumpet USA 31/12/12 03/08/84
    Billy Burns Trombone USA 31/12/04 31/12/63
    Emilio Caceres Violin USA 31/12/1897 31/12/80
    Jackie Cain Vocals 31/12/28
    John Cairns Piano Scotland 31/12/33
    Blanche Calloway Vocals USA 31/12/02 16/12/78
    Mutt Carey Trumpet USA 31/12/1891 03/09/48
    Mancy Carr Banjo & Guitar USA 31/12/00
    Terri Lyne Carrington Drums USA 31/12/62
    Bob Carroll Saxophone USA 31/12/05 31/12/52
    Eddie Carroll Piano UK 31/12/07 31/12/69
    Floyd Casey Drums USA 31/12/00 07/12/67
    Elmer Chambers Trumpet USA 31/12/1897 31/12/52
    Bill Chase Trumpet USA 31/12/35 09/08/74
    Buddy Christian Banjo USA 31/12/1895 31/12/58
    Johnny Claes Trumpet England 31/12/16 03/02/56
    Shirley Clay Trumpet USA 31/12/02 07/02/51
    John Jr. Clayton Bass USA 31/12/52
    Junie Cobb Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/1896 31/12/70
    June Lawrence Cole Tuba, Bass, Vocals USA 31/12/03 10/10/60
    Denardo Coleman Drums USA 31/12/56
    Sterling (Bruce Conaway Banjo, Mandolin USA 31/12/1898
    Al Cooper Saxophone USA 31/12/11 05/10/81
    Harry R Cooper Trumpet USA 31/12/03 31/12/61
    Ron Crotty Bass USA 31/12/29
    Bob Crowder Saxophone USA 31/12/12
    Jock Cummings Drums Scotland 31/12/13 31/12/96
    Chappie D'Amato Guitar England 31/12/1897 13/03/76
    Jacqueline Dankworth Vocals England 31/12/63
    Dickie De Vere Drums 31/12/28 31/12/96
    Carroll Dickerson Violin USA 31/12/1895 31/10/57
    Roger Q Dickerson Trumpet USA 31/12/1898 21/01/51
    Charlie Dixon Banjo USA 31/12/1898 06/12/40
    Lawrence Dixon Banjo, Guitar USA 31/12/1895 31/01/70
    Jackie Dougan Drums Scotland 31/12/30 27/01/73
    Bob Dryden Drums England 31/12/02 31/12/50
    Peter DuConge Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/03 31/12/65
    Cornell Dupree Guitar USA 31/12/42
    Honore Dutrey Trombone USA 31/12/1894 21/07/35
    Joe Eldridge Saxophone USA 31/12/08 05/03/52
    Billy Farrell Trumpet England 31/12/10
    Alan Ferguson Guitar Scotland 31/12/05 23/04/59
    Brandon Fields Saxophone USA 31/12/58
    Geechie Fields Trombone USA 31/12/03
    Ted Fields Drums USA 31/12/05 31/03/59
    Len Fillis Guitar South Africa 31/12/03 31/12/53
    Bruce Forman Guitar USA 31/12/56
    Don Frye Piano USA 31/12/03 09/02/81
    Dick Fulbright Bass & Tuba USA 31/12/01 17/11/62
    Tommy Fulford Piano USA 31/12/12 16/12/56
    Bob Fuller Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/1898
    Kenny G Saxophone USA 31/12/59
    Steve Gadd Drums USA 31/12/45
    Jim Garforth Drums England 31/12/41
    Jane Getz Piano USA 31/12/48
    Harry Gibson Piano, Vocals USA 31/12/14 09/05/91
    A. G. Godley Drums USA 31/12/00 28/02/73
    Larry Goldings Piano USA 31/12/68
    David "Benny" Goodman Drums England 31/12/27 31/12/74
    Charlie Green Trombone USA 31/12/00 29/02/36
    Omar Hakim Drums USA 31/12/59
    Clarence Hall Saxophone USA 31/12/03 31/12/61
    Craig Handy Saxophone USA 31/12/63
    Fareed Haque Guitar USA 31/12/63
    Wilbur Harden Flugelhorn USA 31/12/25
    Arville Harris Saxophone USA 31/12/04 31/12/54
    Leroy W. (Sr) Harris Banjo, Guitar & Flute USA 31/12/00 31/12/69
    Phil Harris Vocals, Drums USA 31/12/03 31/12/95
    Len Harrison Bass UK 31/12/12 31/12/77
    Antonio Hart Saxophone USA 31/12/69
    Clyde Hart Piano USA 31/12/10 19/03/45
    Jimmy Hartwell Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/00 31/12/42
    Bill Harty Drums Ireland 31/12/1899 31/12/59
    Cyril Haynes Piano Panama 31/12/15
    John Hicks Piano USA 31/12/41
    Andrew Hilaire Drums USA 31/12/00 31/12/36
    Clarence Holiday Guitar USA 31/12/00 01/03/37
    Joe Holiday Saxophone Sicily 31/12/25
    Joe Houston Saxophone USA 31/12/27
    Jiver Hutchinson Trumpet Jamaica 31/12/07 22/11/59
    Margie Hyams Vibraphone USA 31/12/23
    Charlie Irvis Trombone USA 31/12/1899 31/12/39
    Rudy Jackson Saxophone & Clarinet USA 31/12/01 31/12/68
    Elmer James Bass USA 31/12/10 25/07/54
    Alphonso Johnson Bass USA 31/12/51
    Bill Johnson Guitar, Banjo, Vocals USA 31/12/05 31/08/55
    Willie Johnson Guitar USA 31/12/05 31/07/55
    David Jones Saxophone USA 31/12/1888 31/12/56
    Jonah Jones Trumpet USA 31/12/09 30/04/2000
    Wardell Jones Trumpet USA 31/12/05
    Tiny Kahn Drums USA 31/12/24 19/08/53
    Jon-Erik Kellso Trumpet USA 31/12/36
    Stan King Drums USA 31/12/00 19/11/49
    John Kirby Bass USA 31/12/08 14/06/52
    Ashley Kozak Bass England 31/12/30
    Arthur Lally Clarinet, Saxophone England 31/12/01 31/05/40
    Will Lee Bass USA 31/12/52
    Min Leibrook Sax, Tuba, Bass USA 31/12/03 08/06/43
    Peter Leitch Guitar Canada 31/12/44
    Herbie Lewis Bass USA 31/12/41
    Preston Love Saxophone USA 31/12/21
    Ralph MacDonald Percussion USA 31/12/44
    Eddie Macauley Piano England 31/12/08
    Bingie Madison Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/02 31/12/78
    John Marrero Banjo USA 31/12/1895
    George Marsh Drums USA 31/12/00 30/04/62
    Billy Mason Piano Scotland 31/12/1897 21/10/60
    Emmett Mathews Saxophone & Vocals USA 31/12/02
    Robert Mavounzy Clarinet, Saxophone Panama 31/12/17 31/03/74
    Dick McDonough Guitar & Banjo USA 31/12/04 25/05/38
    Peter McGurk Bass England 31/12/27 17/06/68
    Gil Melle Saxophone USA 31/12/31
    Jack Miranda Clarinet, Saxophone England 31/12/05
    Freddie Mirfield Drums England 31/12/08
    Herb Morand Trumpet, Vocals USA 31/12/05 23/02/52
    Thomas Morris Cornet USA 31/12/1898 31/12/41
    Bill Mulraney Trombone England 31/12/05
    Ted (ii) Nash Saxophone, Clarinet USA 31/12/59
    Nat Natoli Trumpet USA 31/12/02
    Dave Nelson Trumpet, Piano USA 31/12/05 07/04/46
    Steve Nelson Vibraphone USA 31/12/55
    John Nesbitt Trumpet USA 31/12/00 31/12/35
    Alfie Noakes Trumpet Canada 31/12/02 31/12/82
    Reg Owen Saxophone, Piano England 31/12/16
    Charlie Palmieri Piano USA 31/12/27 31/12/88
    Nicholas Payton Trumpet USA 31/12/73
    Walter "Fats" Pichon Piano USA 31/12/06 26/02/67
    Stewart Pletcher Trumpet USA 31/12/07 29/11/78
    Tommy Pollard Piano England 31/12/23 08/12/60
    Yank Porter Drums USA 31/12/1895 22/03/44
    Joe Poston Saxophone, Clarinet USA 31/12/1895 31/05/42
    Marcus Printup Trumpet USA 31/12/67
    Chelsea Quealey Trumpet, Saxophone USA 31/12/05 06/05/50
    Howdy Quicksell Banjo USA 31/12/01 30/10/53
    Henry Ragas Piano USA 31/12/1891 18/02/19
    Jack Raine Trumpet England 31/12/1891 31/12/52
    Odell Rand Clarinet USA 31/12/05 22/06/60
    Ernest Ranglin Guitar Jamaica 31/12/33
    Tampa Red Guitar USA 31/12/04 19/03/81
    Dianne Reeves Vocals USA 31/12/56
    Jimmy Reynolds Piano USA 31/12/07 16/02/63
    Ernest Ritte Saxophone England 31/12/04 12/01/58
    Kenneth Roane Trumpet USA 31/12/02 03/03/84
    Damian Robinson Piano England 31/12/28 31/12/94
    Janice Robinson Trombone USA 31/12/51
    David Sanchez Trombone Puerto Rico 31/12/68
    Lloyd Scott Drums USA 31/12/02
    Milton Senior Clarinet, Saxophone USA 31/12/00 31/12/48
    Avery Sharpe Bass USA 31/12/55
    Alan Shorter Flugelhorn USA 31/12/31
    Charlie Singleton Saxophone USA 31/12/30
    Carl Smith Trumpet USA 31/12/08
    Chick Smith Trumpet Scotland 31/12/09 31/07/83
    Eddie Smith Banjo England 31/12/30 31/10/92
    Russell Smith Trumpet USA 31/12/1890 27/03/66
    Cyrus St. Clair Tuba USA 31/12/1890 31/12/55
    George Stafford Drums USA 31/12/1898 30/04/36
    Joe Steele Piano USA 31/12/00 05/02/64
    Tommy Stevenson Trumpet USA 31/12/14 31/10/44
    Bill Stewart Drums USA 31/12/67
    Buddy Stewart Vocals USA 31/12/22 01/02/50
    Tiny Stock Tuba England 31/12/00 31/12/35
    Jesse Stone Piano USA 31/12/01
    George Thomas Vocals, Clarinet, Sax USA 31/12/03 30/11/30
    Eddie Thompkins Trumpet USA 31/12/08 17/04/43
    John Trueheart Guitar & Banjo USA 31/12/00 31/12/49
    Danny Turner Saxophone, Flute USA 31/12/29
    Dick Twardzik Piano USA 31/12/31 21/10/55
    Dave Usden Trumpet England 31/12/29 02/06/75
    Dave Valentin Flute USA 31/12/54
    Dick Voynow Piano USA 31/12/00 15/09/44
    Mike Walker Guitar England 31/12/62
    Freddie (ii) Washington Piano USA 31/12/00
    Mack Washington Drums USA 31/12/08 01/10/38
    Ray Webb Guitar, Bass, Vocals England 31/12/16
    Freddie Webster Trumpet USA 31/12/16 01/04/47
    Henry Wells Trombone, Vocals USA 31/12/06
    Johnny Wells Drums USA 31/12/05 24/07/87
    Kenny Werner Piano USA 31/12/51
    Mark Whitfield Guitar USA 31/12/67
    Zack Whyte Banjo USA 31/12/1898 09/10/77
    Eddie Williams Saxophone USA 31/12/10
    Elmer Williams Saxophone, Clarinet USA 31/12/05 30/06/62
    Rudy Williams Saxophone & Clarinet USA 31/12/09 30/09/54
    Sonny Boy Williamson ii Vocals, Harmonica USA 31/12/10 25/05/65
    Hudson Woodbridge Guitar USA 31/12/04 19/03/81
    Big Jim Wynn Saxophone USA 31/12/12 31/12/76
    Arthur Young Piano Scotland 31/12/04 15/07/65

    Simon Brehm, Bass, b.1921, Stockholm, Sweden
    Peter Herbolzheimer, Trombone, b.1935, Bucharest, Rumania

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