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Thread: er...Instrumental, no lyrics

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    er...Instrumental, no lyrics

    That exactley.

    I'm looking for Jazz with no lyrics and just the instruments.

    Kind of like Wynton Marsalis or XP come with a sample track called Highway Blues from an album called New Stories Speakin' Out, the composer is Marc Seales and the person on sax is called Ernie Watts

    Any ideas?

    Also Where can I get the Afore mentioned album, I can't find it anywhere on the net!


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    Wow where to begin. I don't know of this Windows XP song but the typical suggestion for someone looking to get into jazz is Kind of Blue by Miles Davis. It's very approachable. I'm sure some will disagree just because this album gets an immense amount of praise, maybe more than it deserves. But it is a good place to start. I would also suggest Maiden Voyage by Herbie Hancock and Time Out by Dave Brubeck.

    Oh and that CD is on Amazon:

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    You'll be glad to hear that most jazz is instrumental music...

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    er...Instrumental, no lyrics

    All you gotta do is, e.g., go to, use its search feature, check out the liner notes. If there ain't a vocalist listed as "vocals", then it's an instrumental.
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