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Thread: New Miles Davis Website Launched - Need collaborators!

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    Santa Maria, RS - Brasil

    Smile New Miles Davis Website Launched - Need collaborators!

    Dear friends, this is my first post here in this forum, and I just want to say that it is very good to be here. I just released a Miles Davis website and I need collaborators. Follows below the text used in our newsletter.

    The Annoucement:
    This is the first newsletter from Selimsivad Organisation project.
    Our website was officially launched round about midnight of October 19th, 2003
    and we are already counting on your visit.

    * * *

    The proposal:
    We want to have there more than a simple bunch of information about Miles Davis or other jazz related subject - we want feelings - deep feelings from every Miles fan on this world. If you enjoy his legacy, create your account over there and start to writing. Selimsivad aims to be a centered place on the internet for
    Miles Davis information.

    * * *

    The structure:
    Selimsivad is divided en few and simple sections:

    1. A place for news,

    2. A place for articles - at the moment the avaliable topics are:
    * Bibliography, for information on Miles Davis books;
    * Discography Reviews, for reviews about official and not official sessions
    and recordings;
    * Epiphanies, shared experiences;
    * General Jazz, the name says all;
    * Miles Davis Text, (Still empty! Help please!),
    * My First Miles, stories about how everyone met Miles for the first time;
    * Paraphernalias, goodies all around the world about the musician;
    * Tears, a memorial for recently dead jazzmen;
    * Top Ten Miles; do you have a favorite Miles record?
    * Tree Announcements; a corner for information on trading trees.

    3. A gallery, presenting this month *exclusive* pictures of a 1973 Miles concert,
    4. Weblinks section,
    5. Bigfun newsletter, for Selimsivad announcements,
    6. Credits, info about people who are working on this project,
    7. Contact, a online formulary to contact the administrators.

    * * *

    What we need?
    The website just born, he is a little empty by the moment. We have searched
    on the Miles Davis Discussion List archives for some interesting contents
    to be reproduced over there, however it still need more and more stuff.
    If you think you can help, join us and help writing reviews, miles articles
    or even only giving opinions. We will need a ocean of collaborators to make this
    dream-project grow up fast. Send us your articles, your pictures or your reviews!

    As you may know, we are from Brazil and Belgium respectively, and our english language knowledge is faraway from perfect, so we apologize for eventual weirdness on the texts, and also humbly ask if somebody is interested in helping us to improve the consistency and grammatic of the structural texts on the website.

    * * *

    We want to let everybody know that we are not making this for business,
    for commercial intents or for money,
    We are doing this to help to spread the "good music" everywhere.
    It is just for fun!
    Thanks to everybody who helped until now, they know who they are.

    And see you on the next Bigfun Newsletter Edition.

    Selimsivad Organisation
    Bigfun Newsletter Edition 01
    October 23th, 2003 - 00:26 GMT+3

    Giovani "Akira" Faganello - Brasil
    Axel "Lexman" Van Looy - Belgium
    "DOn't play what's there, play what's not there."

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    Happy b-day, Selimsivad. Hope you garnered some new collaborators.

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    Thanks friend!

    Our website is growing slowly.
    Not much collaborators yet...
    But I believe that this scene will change on the next days!

    C'mon gusy!
    Set up your account there, and start to write something right now!


    "DOn't play what's there, play what's not there."

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    Just took a look at your website. I will join and contribute as much as I can. I encourage and support anyone who makes a serious effort to put the music out front. I like your site although I feel it needs some work. But the overall aesthetic and framework is good. I would like to encourage other participates at AAJ to check this fledging site out. I think it will be a wonderful project if you can get maximum support from the serious lovers of Miles music.

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    Just checked this site out and it has potential, and as Bios said, we need to encourage people who are prepared to take jazz to the 'people'

    Good luck


    Andy D.

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    hi selimsivad!
    Great thing, your site. I´m lookin´forward to post something on it eventually, since it was Miles´music, that brought me to jazz. Also I was lucky I heard him live 4 times.

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    Originally posted by SatinDoll
    hi selimsivad!
    Great thing, your site. I´m lookin´forward to post something on it eventually, since it was Miles´music, that brought me to jazz. Also I was lucky I heard him live 4 times.
    Hi Satin Doll!

    Where did you see Miles, and what year?

    Wasn't he a presence you'll never forget, and didn't he always put the very best together?

    I can remember him on the stage, he and his band, as plain as day, and that was clear back in the 50's and 60's, so you know how it is to try to remember a lot of those things from that long ago. Maybe you don't, ha! I'm assuming that everyone is my age here!

    I not only liked the band, but I also enjoyed their chose of music so much. I could relate to it, and still can. I never tire of it.

    I plan on visiting the site, and will start talking about Miles with everyone after the holidays settle down.

    It should be an interesting site, as Miles is so controversial personally, but admired musically, while most of the fellows he played with were the nicest personally, and their talents were equal if not greater.

    It has always amazed me how they all got along, a common interest I suspose, wanting to be the best, and loving what they were doing, their kind of music is still with us, and popular with jazz fans all over the world..
    Sandi from Hermosa Beach

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