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Thread: Legendary Eddie Benitez and Reknown Guitarist Paul Sequence Ferguson "Together"!!

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    Legendary Eddie Benitez and Reknown Guitarist Paul Sequence Ferguson "Together"!!


    The works of Legendary Guitarist Eddie Benitez and the Reknown Jazz Artist Paul "Sequence" Ferguson will be premiering this weekend on the Discovery Channel (see details below). Music from Eddie Benitez's new CD "Lover's Never Say Good-bye", release date January 2008.

    Don't miss out on this special show!

    Casa de los Muertos - ReAirs Jan 9, 2008 - 2PM EST*

    Gold Album Jazz "Mystery Man", Eddie Benitez; his first concert was at the Madison Square Garden in front of 20,000 fans of Latin/Jazz. Also, performing with such greats as Barry White, George Benson, and more, to be on Discovery Channel.

    "Fans claiming to see angels on stage"...., Legendary guitarist Eddie Benitez played in a private show in Phoenix AZ, this was the topic of discussion by several people in attendance after the show in 2003.

    The mystery of Eddie Benitez started in 1976 when he signed with Fania/CBS records, with his first release "Nightlife" at age 14, 6 months later another hit, "Essence of Life", both went gold as he performed/mentored with legendary stars, Tito Puente, Mongo Santamaria and many others, throughout his young music career.

    His performing career came to a sudden halt when Eddie was diagnosed with Hodgkins at a young age of 23. This changed his life forever as he survived the cancer and took time off to reflect on life and spirituality. He continued to write music over the years. His music is a blend of Smooth Jazz, NewAge, and Latin written from his heart that filled with love, passion, and devotion. Throughout his life, Eddie has had many spiritual visions while overcoming a heart attack and an unexplained 3 day coma. Eddie was under investigation for massive healings in his Florida home. "There is no healer, but faith in God, Christ and in yourself" Eddie told the investigators.

    One of Eddie’s spiritual hauntings was documented and recreated for the Discovery Channel series "A Haunting" - Casa de los Muertos. The special show will be featuring Eddie’s music from past to present. Collaboration with Reknown guitarist, Paul "Sequence Ferguson" on a couple of Eddie’s new tracks. His son, Julian Sosa will be portraying Eddie’s oldest son in the show.

    Visit Eddie Benitez, Julian Sosa and Paul "Sequence" Ferguson at MySpace. Show your your support for the show and music.

    Scheduled Air time-
    January 9, 2008 2:00PM EST/PST, 1PM CST

    Check your local listings for time and channel *Satellite may differ
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