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Hey, this thread is a great idea! Mind if I join in? The next time I visit my mac forum (I don't own it) I'll start something like this. People need to learn to be nice. They joke around a lot, but sometimes, it just seems like they are trying to be total jerks!
[sigh] That's the interwebs for ya. [sigh]

I like this post by page:

"Well irony or not I think it is a great idea to say nice things.

I have friends on this forum that became really dear to me. I wouldn't call that just nice, but that is great! Never thought that could be with people you just know from the internet.
Other than that, there are so many friendly people on this forum. People who are willing to help me and everyone else with our questions and do not want anything in return for that. So yes, I think that ís really nice! I'm happy that I have a place where I can go to ask all my ignorant questions."