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Thread: Sonny Rollins in Europe 1959

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    Sonny Rollins in Europe 1959

    I have a CD by Rollins entitled Oleo, which affords no recording details in the notes. The first 5 tracks correspond to a session in Stockholm on 5 March 1959, and the last 2 to live recordings in Aix En Provence on 11 March. (Unfortunately Lady Bird is not included.) But there is another track - There will never be another you - which I cannot find listed in the Rollins discography at It sounds like the same group. Can anybody help with the details, please. Also was the 5 March session a radio broadcast, because there is another broadcast listed as recorded the day before. Is this latter session available on CD? Thanks.

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    .. I hope it can 'help' you as informactions ..

    -sonny rollins.sax-trio.+.henry grimes.cb.+.kenny clarke.dr..
    live Aix-en-Provence-11'' march-1959 ..
    tunes-->''woodin you'' - ''but not for me'' - ''lady bird'' ..
    (x) unknown label-->RJ.502, AAD..

    Ciao fabio ..

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    There has recently been released a 3cd set on Solar records, entitled
    Sonny Rollins trio Live in Europe 1959Solar 4569910
    The Complete recordings
    26 tracks in all
    CD1 from Nalen Stockholm March 2nd
    St Thomas

    Stockholm March 4th
    There Will never be another you
    Stay as sweet as you are
    I've told every little star
    How High the Moon
    Paul's Pal
    Zurich March 5th
    I Remember You
    I've Told Every Little Star
    It Could Happen to You
    Will You Still Be Mine

    CD2 from Laren Holland March 7th
    I've Told Every Little Star
    I Want to Be happy
    Weaver Of Dreams

    Frankfurt Germany March 9th previously never issued
    It Don't Mean a Thing
    Cocktails For Two
    I've Told Every Little Star
    I Want To Be Happy

    all above with Grimes and LaRocca

    CD2 also has tracks from the Sodra theatre Stockholm March 4th with Joe Harris on drums

    a short interview with Rollins
    It Don't Mean a Thing
    Paul's Pal
    Love Letters

    CD 3 is from Aix en Provence with Kenny Clarke on drums
    Woody'n You
    But Not For Me
    Lady Bird

    All above according to the CD booklet

    I also have a Dragon CD, purchased years ago, entitled St Thomas DragonDRCD229 which has11 of the above tracks including There Will Never Be another You

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