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Thread: Select a Tenor Sax Mouthpiece to achieve dark, warm tone?

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    Select a Tenor Sax Mouthpiece to achieve dark, warm tone?


    I'm looking to get an upgrade on my saxophone mouthpiece, I'm currently playing through a standard issue plastic one I got with my Tenor.

    Basically, I'm looking for a darker and warmer tone that isn't too bright and is good for low end work. I've been told that the bigger the opening on the mouthpiece, the more suited it is for gaining a deeper, breathy sound.

    I know I'd obviously need to try out a mouthpiece and that there are many variables involved, including embrochure, the quality of the saxophone. I'm just looking for simple guidelines as to how I go about getting a darker tone. I take it a mouthpiece labelled a 2C will have a darker sound to one named a 4C?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    You might want to take a look at the Otto Link series of metal mouthpieces. It is less bright than those metal mouthpieces made from "surgical steel" like the Berg Larsen but it still has a deep tone.
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    Kitano, tons and tons of information/discussion about your exact situation can be found here.

    An Otto Link can be a good choice, but the modern ones are inconsistent and often stuffy. Unless you want to spend extra money getting a Link refaced by a good mouthpiece tech (which is a good way to go), I recommend trying out a Jody Jazz hard rubber. I play one in a 7* tip opening and it's a great piece. They're consistent and not too expensive, about the same as a Link but with no need for a reface.

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