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Thread: Even Homer nods - or to err is human

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    Even Homer nods - or to err is human

    I thought it might be interesting to launch a thread about what appear to be mistakes in recordings and see what other peope think. Here are a couple of big errors, or so they appear to me.

    First the Eric Dolphy Quintet playing On Green Dolphin Street on Prestige (1 April 1960). This is a wonderful recording with fine solos from Dolphy (bass clarinet) and Freddie Hubbard. But.... has anybody noticed that George Tucker seems to lose 4 bars from his bass solo. I've counted it through many times and I am sure I am right.

    More peculiar to me is the Monk Columbia studio recording of Stuffy Turkey (30 January 1964). In the opening chorus release they appear to lose a bar and Rouse seems completely lost or not sure whether to play or leave it to Monk. In the final chorus there are a full 8 bars in the release, but again Rouse seems very unsure and only plays 3 notes in the whole section. I know that Monk varied the number of bars at times but not surely in the same recording. Given that this was the opening and little had been recorded I don't understand why it wasn't stopped and then rerecorded. On many of the Columbia sessions there could be up to 6 takes of one tune. I thought this was the only recording of Stuffy Turkey but it was also recorded live at the Paris Alhambra on 22 February 1964 and here there are a full 8 bars and Rouse plays the melody perfectly. Any ideas?

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    Monk seemed to have an attitude where he could make a mistake in the very first bar on a record date and just keep going regardless.

    Sam Rivers screws up the out head pretty badly on Cyclic Episode. Those 1960s guys had such a relaxed attitude about mistakes. I quite admire that, actually.

    I recently recorded an EP and it made me very aware of the little mistakes that end up on a record, and since then I've been hearing tiny flaws in records I'd listened to dozens of times before without noticing anything. Irish stuff in particular, nothing you would be familiar with.
    Of course my EP has plenty of little mistakes, from phrases that start just a milisecond too early/late, to actual fluffed notes.

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    On Wayne Shorter's "el gaucho" herbie loses the form and add some extra measures (everyone goes with him, though, so it's not a mistake in the end).

    On Stanley Turrentine's "Sugar" George Benson ends his solo at the top of the chorus, without leaving space for the pickups to the out head . . . so Turrentine just plays the pickups, adding an extra bar.

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