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Thread: I collect 'Live Jazz - Videos',, ''WHO'' else ..Collect.. here ??

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    I collect 'Live Jazz - Videos',, ''WHO'' else ..Collect.. here ??

    I am mainly interested to 'collect' Live-jazz-videos concerts like Jazz-Festivals,, Live Jazz-Shows,, TV's-jazz programs .. included 'home(private)Videos' taken with 'own-cameras' .. Please, contact me for 'share' and send to -(each-other)- our-own Videos Lists, or catalogues so to have an occasion to take Live concerts from those Lists..
    Please, let me know.. and now I want to 'adds' here only one of my page-videos-lists .. so to give you an 'idea' of 'what' I have 'collected'..
    Ciao fabio .

    … -e-mails-> show rouse.sax.+.BEN RILEY.drs...1 -1966bw t.33-
    -11.C-Tokyo-paul jeffrey.sax+larry riddley.cb+LENNY.Mc.BROENIE.dr-raro-1970t.23bw-
    -27.4.Bussum(europa)-rouse.sax+.john orr.cb+FRANKIE DUNLOP.dr-raro—1961t.20bw-
    -84.1..Parigi. charlie rouse.sax..cb..?’specs’wright.drs+’PHILLY’ JOE JONES.dr1959 bwt.70- Henry Renauld =Thelonius Monk.piano-solo=.japanTV-1969, t.30-
    -2.105.3 U.K.jazz625’.4t.+.charlie rouse.sax.+.larry gales.cb.+.BEN RILEY.drs1964t.34bw-
    -10.113.1Tokyo rouse.+.butch warren.cb.+.FRANKIE DUNLOP.drs1963 bw.t.40-low.qty-
    -206.5’.at..Ronnie’s Scott..’Londra .’clips.’ -1969 bw .t..x..-
    -221.3-Baden-Baden ..4t.+.rouse+orr.cb..+.FRANKIE DUNLOP.drs. 1963 bw.t.22- eastwood..’’’clips’..talks.+.mus ic-bw+clr.-t.. ‘’ ..t.59-’s-Studio..4t+.charlie rouse.sax.+.larry gales.cb+ben riley.dr-1966t.26bw-
    -408.1-Parigi-4t+charlie rouse..+..’spec’wright.dr-+-‘PHILLY’JOE JONES.dr-1959t.69’bw--
    -596.4-New York (1’set) 4t+charlie rouse.sax.+.larry gales.cb.+.ben riley.dr..-1965- t.4’bw--.+..-((597.5))New York (2’set).rouse+gales+riley-1965-.t,.4’ Wein..-
    -635.4-Parigi live-stage ‘’Mutualitè’’+charlie rouse.sax.+.larry gayles.cb.+.ben riley.dr..-‘.60s-t.8’bw-…Low-Quality..
    -682.1-Bruxelles live-stage.+.charles rouse.sax.+.larry gales.cb.+.frankie dunlop.dr…-1963 t.50’..b.w.-
    -689.2-Amiens ‘studio’TVs rouse+larry gales+ben riley.dr..’short-clips’’- .. ?60s t.4’ b.w..-
    -763.1-Holland,,,charlie rouse.sax,,larry gales.cb.+.frankie dunlop.dr..<’Rhythm-a-Ning’>,,-1961,, t.5’..b.w..

    ...-MC..COY..TYNER .piano.-
    -9.B..Antibes(.francia.)+.ELVIN davis.cb..+ jeanluc bourrely..cht.1982 t.12-
    -18.F..Viersen.+.ELVIN davis.cb.1982 bw t.12-
    -66.4 Roma ‘.music inn.’+azar lawrence.sax.+.jimmy booth.cb.+.alponse jazz’.75’’.+.78’’s .. t.19-
    -14.117.2..Berlino ’john coltrane’..+.ELVIN JONES.+.freddy fortune.sax.+.reggie workman.cb1987 t.63-
    -71.2 ..Massina(Italy)-jazz meeting-...’john coltrane’.+.ELVIN t.50-’.A Love Supreme.’.+.ELVIN 110-
    -194.2 Roma.’music inn’.gary bartz.sax..john blake.vl..john’wilby’ flectcher.dr1984t.86-
    -211.4 live-SAN REMO(Italy).trio.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.LOUIS HAYES.drs1987.t.16-
    -245.1 Perugia ..trio+sharpe.cb.+.aaron scott.drs..+..GEORGE BENSON.cht.1989 t.48-
    -236.3 ..Vienne(francia).trio..charnett moffett.cb.+..AL FOSTER.drs-2000 t.52-
    -275.4 Torino(Italy).guillmer’sousa’ franco.prcs..+.ERIC GRAVATT.drs-1974’bw.t.30-
    -341.5-Montreux 4t.+azar lawrence.sax.+.juni booth.cb+.ALHONSE MOUZON.drs1973.t.15--
    -369.3-Nurimberg f. henderson+avery sharpe.cb+.louis hayes.dr1986 t.63’-
    -376.2-Stoccarda –TRIO-.+.avery scarpe.cb.+.Aaron Scott.dr.+.-guest-FREDDIE MOORE.sax…1990..t.55’
    -404.1-Udine(Italy)-TRIO+avery scarpe.cb.+.aaron scott.dr-+-MICHAEL BRECKER.sax-vd.prv-1996t.1h35-
    -410.1-Burghaussen-TRIO.+.guest.+.charnett moffett.cb.+.eric gravatt.dr.+.BOBBY HUTCHERSON.Vbrf..2005-t.1h25-
    -410.2-Lugano’all-stars’+Ravi Coltrane.+.Gary Bartz.+.Charnett Moffett.cb.+.Eric Gravatt.dr..2005-t.1h31-
    -411.2-Vienne+6xt+ravi coltrane+gary bartz+charnett moffett.cb.+.eric gravatt.dr..+..’Bruxelles-Jazz-Orchestra.’-2005-t.52’-
    -411.3-Varsavia(Polonia)+5t+azàr lawrence.sax.+.joony booth.cb.+.wilby fetcher.dr.+.gulherme franco+prcxs..1974.t.45-bw-
    -433.2-Kolhn ‘.Subway’-club-trio+avery scarpe.cb.+.louis hays.dr——t.58’-
    -433.3-kolhn ‘.Subway.’-club-trio+avery scarpe.cb.+.louis’-
    -539.1-Berlino jazz-festv..-trio.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.aaron scott.dr ..1997- t.57’ -
    -542.1-Warsaw(Poland).Varsavia Jazz-festv.+..azar lawrence.sax.+.juni booth.cb.+.whilby fletcher.dr.+.’guilmère franco’.prcx t.45’ ..-
    -543.1-U.S.A. tv’s-program ‘.It.Is.SOUL.’-mc.coy.tyner.p-4t.+.sonnt fortune.sax.+.calvin hill.cb.+.alphonse mouzon.drs+.bill +mae Jackson ..poet-1971-t.58’.-
    -550-Viersen(Germany)-TRIO+.GARY BART.sax.+.gerald cannon.cb.+.eric’kamau’gravatt.dr..2007- t.39’….-
    -575.1-San Remo –Italy- trio.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.louis hayes.dr (intere-concert)-1987- t.40’-
    -575.2-Umbria Jazz –Perugia-trio.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.louis hays.dr ..-1985- t.17’.-
    -575.3-Umbria Jazz –Perugia-trio.+..FREDDIE HENDERSON.sax.+.sharpe.cb.+.louis hays.dr -1986-..t.56’.-
    -588.1-Stuttgart(Stoccarda)’.Jazz Open.’-TRIO-.+.gary bartz.sax.+.bill frisell.cht –gerard cannon.cb.+.eric gravatt.drs..-2009- t.59’.-
    -595.2-Berna Jazz-festv..-TRIO.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.Aaron scott.dr..+..GEORGE COLEMAN.sax..-1998- t.64’.-
    -637.4-Pescara jazz-festv’’TRIO.+.avery sharpe.cb.+..LOUIS HAYES.dr..-1986- t.27’-
    -675.2-Francia at ‘Marciac’-TRIO-.+.avery sharpe.cb.+.aaron scott.dr..-1999 t.39’..-
    -676.1-Francia live ‘VIENNE’ –Latin – All –Stars-.+.gary bartz.sax.+.steve turre.tb.+.claudio sharpe.cb.+.aaron scott.dr.+.giovanni idalgo.prxs..-1998 t.80’..-
    -691.2-Los Angeòes TV’s-Show ‘’JAZZ – VISIONS’’.+.ernie watts.sax.+.randy morgan.sax.+.stanley clarke.cb.+.roger kellaway.p.+.peter erskine.dr...-1987 t.57’.. ‘’Paul Masson’’ wineyard .+.BOBBY HUTCHERSON.vbr.+.john blake.Violin, john ford.sax..+...cb.?.+..freddy waits.dr.. -1985- t..59’ ..
    -777.3-Brasile, live in ‘San-Paulo’-TRIO.+.avery sharpe.cb..+..LOUIS HAYES.dr,, -1982, t.8’..
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