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Thread: Tina Brooks and Hank Mobley on film

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    Tina Brooks and Hank Mobley on film

    Searching in the Net for a DVD of the Coltrane/Dolphy concerts in Europe in 1961 I came across this website:

    Its searchable so I had a look for the two artists I most listen to but whom I've never seen any film of, Tina Brooks and Hank Mobley.

    And to my utter astonishment it seem that film of both of them exists.

    Tina Brooks seems to have been in Ray Charles backing band in a concert in Sao Paulo in 1963 -

    And a DVD is available of it on Amazon for only 3.62 plus post. Amazing! Of course I've no idea whether he will really be visible or not but I'm hopeful.

    Mobley too appears in clip 8 of a programme on Danish television commemorating a Copenhagen Jazz Club "A tribute to The Montmartre Jazzhus in Copenhagen on the 30th anniversary of its closure " The film is called MONTMARTRE I STORE REGNEGADE -

    But thus far I haven't been able to find any copy of the film either for sale or on the Net anywhere. If you know how to get a hold of this film, or even just the Mobley clip, please post the info here.


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    Hi Ken,

    I have been looking for Hank Mobley video for years and I would love to have even the one clip, though I suspect the archives of broadcast TV in France and England from the late 60s has some Mobley (maybe even with Philly Joe) in there.


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