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Thread: A Writer's Gratitude to the AAJ Editing Staff

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    Thumbs up A Writer's Gratitude to the AAJ Editing Staff

    I wanted to briefly express my gratitude to the AAJ Editorial staff for their fair and even treatment of my writing. In 1997, when I submitted my first review, I sent it in an email to one Michael Ricci, who I would go on to meet personally and become friends. What Michael, John Kelman, Chris May, Carl Hager, and Maya Shani have done is beyond description. Their job is to make normalize content and make the magazine, and by extension, the writer, look good.

    Special thanks are in order for my newer editors: Eric Elder and Darren Mueller. You guys are very user friendly.
    C. Michael Bailey
    Senior Reviewer
    All About Jazz

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    Thanks, CMB! We all appreciate it, especially John!

    I think we're all working beyond capacity and it's time to augment the support staff a la Wikipedia. We'll soon be looking for five more senior editors and a good 20 associate editors.

    We'll also look for volunteers to support the guides directory, the calendar, the photo gallery, the news center, the musician center and pretty much every other section at the site.

    It's not enough to have one person handling a single section. We need back ups and a sufficient staff to grow each section.
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    Dunno how I missed this. Thanks, CMB - you're a pleasure to work with, because you always view the editorial process as I do, which is collaborative. I know everyone you mentioned appreciates the kind words, but as Michael says, moi in particular...


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