.. I only hope this 'post' can be of any help for informactions about Hank Mobley when has been here around Europe.
In some 'old'articles from an Italian jazz-magazine <Musica Jazz> there are some comments for Live jazz-concerts,,
-1-hank mobley.sax,4t live Copenaghen 'Montmartre'jazz-club, kenny drew.p,,n.o.h.petersen.cb,,albert heath.dr,,on 'march-1968 ..
-2-hank mobley.+.johnny griffin.sax,5t,,bore rokovic.p,,..live Jazz Am Rehim,, 1, 9' -1968..
-3-hank mobley.sax,,4t,,kenny drew,,..cb?,,dr?, live Angry Squire,N.Y., 22, 11' 1985..

This is ..all.. but in case try the same 'years' old-magazine as 'Down-Beat' for an english+american concerts reports. Ciao fabio .