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Thread: Ambrose Akinmusire

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    Ambrose Akinmusire

    hi all

    Seen Ambrose Akinmusire with a young talented pianist a few days ago at La Courneuve near Paris ; it was a great show, very emotional, melodic with lots of moving stuff; so I ordered his album from the Internet and I must say it's disappointing, none of the emotion I felt is here ; a lot of longish brainy tracks, not much of his human warmth surfaces in this recording.
    Too bad ; it had been such a magic night (part of the Banlieue Bleue Festival).
    And on the way back, driving after midnight on deserted highways outa Paris, my favourite Jazz station played Roland Kirk's "the nearness of you", I felt elated.

    Gigs and concerts are always better.


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    Hi Patrice,

    I haven't heard Ambrose Akinmusire perform live and i haven't heard his album(s?) as a leader... on top of that you could count the number of live gigs for 'name' artists i've physically been to on one hand, so i shouldn't really comment, but still...

    All i can say is that i've been listening to a lot of Chick Corea from the last twenty five years recently and i've noticed that if there's a studio recording and a live recording of a particualr group, i enjoy the live recordings much more (Chick Corea Akoustic Band's self titled compared to 'Alive', Origin's 'Change' compared to 'Live at the Blue Note' for example). There's a ton of studio albums that i really dig though... guess it's a bit of a case by case thing...

    I got to see the Five Peace Band with Brian Blade on drums and i have to say the album they released has no where near the energy that i experienced at that concert (i know the recording has Vinnie Colaiuta on drums but that's besides the point). Kenny Garrett blew me away that night and although i haven't hugely pursued his music further the few albums i've heard since do not do his live playing justice (i can easily see how someone could be a fan of a musician without being a fan of their albums).

    I'd suggest coming back to the Akinmusire studio album at a later date with a cleansed palate... you might find something to enjoy there for what it is rather than comparing it to the live experience.



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