Hello! I hope that some of you jazz experts can help me find a particular recording of the Louis Alter\Sidney Mitchell tune, "You Turned the Tables on Me".

I remember that there was a radio program that aired on a public radio FM station back in the 70's that featured big band recordings of the 30s and 40s. They often played a version of this tune in their lineup. It is an uptempo version of this favorite standard and didn't have the vocals (as best as I can remember).

It was a piano version and I don't think there were any accompanying instruments. It had a very 30's stride piano (?) feel to it, so I think that it was recorded during that decade, and was by a person and not a band (to the best of my memory).

The closest I could find was this 1930's piano roll version on Youtube, but it isn't the recording that the radio station played.


I listened to all the MP3's (Goodman, Higgins, Hylton, etc...) of this song on Amazon.com but didn't find the version I am looking for. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. I would love to hear this version again.

By the way...great jazz info site!

Thanks so much!!! Kenneth