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Thread: Tue. May 1: Protest the Nonpayment of Musicians in Profitable Clubs

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    Tue. May 1: Protest the Nonpayment of Musicians in Profitable Clubs

    Join the Musicians Solidarity Council on Tuesday, May 1 to protest the nonpayment of musicians in successful NYC music venues. Performers shouldn’t be asked to volunteer their talent and services to profitable businesses!

    We’ll meet at 9:30pm, in Sara D. Roosevelt Park, at the SE corner of Chrystie Street and Houston Street, and proceed to several clubs, potentially including the Sidewalk Cafe, Pianos, Rockwood Music Hall, the Living Room, 169 Bar, and Brooklyn’s Zebulon Cafe Concert.

    Music fans need to know: culture requires investment, and the NYC music scene will suffer if nonpayment (more and more prevalent since the 1990s) continues to be common practice.

    This campaign is safe, legal and respectful of the musicians performing.

    Press release:
    FB invite:
    Petition to stop non-payment of musicians in NYC clubs:

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    Are they playing for exposure and practice?

    I certainly support the idea that working people should not be exploited, whether they be house keepers, butchers or musicians. I'm not sure that I fully understand the issue you're championing. Why are any performers agreeing to work without pay? I would think that all that needs be done is that the musicians not play at clubs that do not pay for their services. Is it only the most neophyte players, the beginners so to speak, that are performing at places that don't offer to pay? If so there is little to accomplish by the protest. Is there a local musician's organization that can try to negotiate places that may be taking advantage of the beginners in the field?

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