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Thread: jazz funk

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    jazz funk

    i have read the threads that are about jazz funk on these forums previously, what i am looking for is more like the tracks listed below.

    -cymande - bra:

    -squarepusher - theme from sprite:

    -herbie hancock - actual proof:

    -there is this band called ben & the platano group. their track called "platano split" is another example of what i am looking for. if you know what it is, then that would help too.

    -after 04:23 of this jamiroquai track

    i know the meters, medeski martin & wood, joshua redman's elastic band and john scofield's funk oriented albums. if anyone has any suggestions, i would be more than happy to hear it.

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    oh, thank you tenorman.

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    Maybe someone could write the original name of this song?

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    You noted Herbie Hancock's Actual Proof. In 1975, he did a live concert in Japan that has remarkable versions of "Maiden Voyage", "Actual Proof", "Watermelon Man" and especially "Butterfly." It's pricey as a CD (since it's an import), but Amazon has this as $7 mp3 download. It looks like the whole record can be heard on YouTube. Here's "Butterfly":

    Nels Cline, whose music is all over the lot in terms of style, has one of the funkiest ever covers of Weather Report's "Boogie Woogie Waltz" on his record Initiate (Cryptogramophone, 2010). Here it is on YouTube:

    Jack de Johnette, Larry Golding, John Scofield did a great one-off project under the name "Trio Beyond", Saudades (ECM, 2004). Check out the title track on the YouTube:

    A couple of years ago, Alan Pasqua, who once played keyboards with Tony Williams, did a funk-fusion record entitled Antisocial Club (Cryptogramophone, 2007). Check the track "New Rhodes". Here's another track "Wicked Good", more fusion than funk:

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