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Thread: Vision Fest 2013

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    Vision Fest 2013

    Wednesday June 12th, 2013
    Day 1 - Milford Graves Lifetime of Achievement Award

    7:30PM - 8:30PM - Afro/Cuban Roots

    Milford Graves - drums
    David Virelles - acoustic piano
    Román Díaz - percussions (congas, batá, drums, añá), vocals
    Dezron Douglas - acoustic bass
    Román Filiú - alto saxophone

    8:30PM - 9:30PM - Transition TRIO

    Milford Graves - drums
    D.D. Jackson - piano
    Kidd Jordan - tenor saxophone

    9:30PM - 10:30PM - NY HeART Ensemble

    MIlford Graves - drums
    Charles Gayle - tenor saxophone
    William Parker - bass
    Roswell Rudd - trombone
    Amiri Baraka

    Thursday June 13th, 2013
    Day 2

    7:00PM - 7:30PM - Maria Mitchell / Terry Jenoure

    Maria Mitchell - dance
    Terry Jenoure - violin

    7:45PM - 8:45PM - Roy Campbell's Akhenaten Ensemble

    Roy Campbell - trumpet
    Bryan Carrott - vibes
    Jason Kao Hwang - violin
    Hilliard Greene - bass
    Michael Wimberly - drums

    9:00PM - 10:00PM - Rob Brown's U_L Project

    Rob Brown - alto saxophone
    Joe McPhee - trumpet, saxophone
    Miya Masaoka - koto
    Mark Helias - bass
    Qasim Naqvi - drums

    10:00PM - 11:00PM - Roscoe Mitchell Trio

    Roscoe Mitchell - reeds
    Henry Grimes - bass
    Tani Tabbal - drums

    Friday June 14th, 2013
    Day 3 - A French-American Connection

    7:00PM - 7:30PM - VOCAL-EASE

    Steve Dalachinsky - poetry
    Didier Petit - cello

    7:30PM - 8:30PM - Bern Nix Quartet

    Bern Nix - guitar
    Francois Grillot - bass
    Matt Lavelle - trumpet
    Reggie Sylvester - drums

    8:45PM - 9:45PM - East-West Collective

    Didier Petit - cello
    Sylvain Kassap - clarinets
    Xu Fengxia - guhzeng
    Larry Ochs - tenor sax
    Miya Masaoka - koto

    The East-West Collective has been made possible through the French-American Jazz Exchange, a joint program of FACE ("French American Cultural Exchange") and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, with generous funding from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs de Musique ("SACEM"), Florence Gould Foundation, and Institut Français.

    10:00PM - 11:00PM - The French-American Peace Ensemble

    Francois Tusques - piano
    Louis Sclavis - clarinets
    Kidd Jordan - tenor sax
    William Parker - bass
    Hamid Drake - drums

    The East-West Collective has been made possible through the French-American Jazz Exchange, a joint program of FACE ("French American Cultural Exchange") and Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation, with generous funding from the Cultural Services of the French Embassy, Doris Duke Charitable Foundation, Société des Auteurs et Compositeurs de Musique ("SACEM"), Florence Gould Foundation, and Institut Français.

    Saturday June 15th, 2013
    Day 4 - afternoon

    2:30PM - 3:00PM - York College Creative Ensemble

    3:00PM - 3:30PM - Achievement First Middle School Band

    Day 4 - evening

    7:30PM - 8:30PM - Tomas Fujiwara & The Hook Up

    Jonathan Finlayson (trumpet)
    Brian Settles (tenor saxophone)
    Matt Moran (guitar)
    Trevor Dunn (bass)
    Tomas Fujiwara (drums, composition)

    8:45PM - 9:45PM - Davis/Revis/Cyrille

    Kris Davis - piano
    Eric Revis - bass
    Andrew Cyrille - drums

    9:45PM - 10:45PM - Simmons/Burrell Duo

    Sonny Simmons - alto saxophone
    Dave Burrell - piano

    10:45PM - 11:45PM - Reggie Workman's WORKz

    Reggie Workman - bass
    Marilyn Crispell - piano
    Odean Pope - tenor saxophone
    Tapan Modak - tablas
    Pheeroan akLaff - drums

    Sunday June 16th, 2013
    Day 5 - afternoon

    3:00PM - 5:00PM - Panel Discussion - Building the Future of Creative Jazz

    5:30PM - 6:30PM - Butch Morris' Black February

    A film by Vipal Monga

    Day 5 - evening

    7:00PM - 7:30PM - Inner City - Migrations

    Miriam Parker - dance, choreography
    Jason Jordan - dance
    Hamid Drake - drums
    Jo-Wood Brown - art
    Robert Janz - guest visual artist

    7:30PM - 8:30PM - Positive Knowledge

    Oleyumi Thomas - saxophone
    Ijeoma Thomas - voice, words
    Henry Grimes - bass
    Michael Wimberly - drums

    8:30PM - 9:30PM - Hamiet Bluiett & Friends

    lineup TBA

    9:30PM - 10:30PM - ARC Trio

    Mario Pavone - bass
    Craig Taborn - piano
    Gerald Cleaver - drums

    10:30PM - 11:30PM - Marshall Allen & Christian McBride BASS ROOTS

    Marshall Allen - alto saxophone
    Christian McBride - bass
    Lee Smith - bass
    Howard Cooper - bass

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    Damn!!! This lineup is stacked!! So many artists I would want to see... Milford Graves is amazing, one of my favorite drummers. Still going strong after all of these years... I've seen Rob Brown with William Parker, who's playing too! Wow. If you get to meet him, tell him Kevin Murray says hello. Henry Grimes, a master of course...

    And good 'ole Hamid Drake. He is amazing, and gave me a pair of his sticks after a show he did with Parker, Brown, Kidd Jordan (him too?!?!), Roy Campbell, and many others. Hamid's style is completely unique, and he can play so well both inside and outside. He is a real gentlemen too, quite the nice guy.

    You who are attending, I would like to say that you are extremely lucky. This is an amazing lineup, and I wish I was going. Wow. Wow. Wow....

    Marshall Allen too. Time to convince the parents....
    Last edited by Kevin Murray; April 19th, 2013 at 02:55 PM. Reason: MARSHAL FREAKING ALLEN?!>?!?!
    All the Best,

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    my comments from a couple of nights of sets from last year's festival:

    saw all the bands - can do without the opening invocation but I could still hear Drake, Parker and Cleaver behind the nonsensical wailing of 3 ladies.... and I knew the drummers sounded great from my front row seat..
    don't know what Kneebody is or why they were there but it had something to do with a grant....and I waited for Dunmall, Shipp, Morris and Cleaver

    starts out a bit forced with Dunmall only with his tenor which is a plus - maybe it isn't even his tenor, I don't know. Shipp plays all the time, some strong stuff but too much just rolling on the keys thinking maybe it is like Chris MacGregor but I want some space - but Dunmall often makes me forget about that as he takes the tenor out to great places - then the last 30 minutes of the hour set Paul Dunmall and Gerald Cleaver find an incredible rapport and the set turns magnificent - especially when Shipp finally gives the band some space and let's Dunmall explore the full dynamics of sound and space - the final groove is subtle and immensely powerful.

    Sharp was fine but the lady singer was a bit much for me

    Dresser's band good with one great long form thing in the middle with all pieces meshing - highlights are Rudresh and Maroney along with the great bassist

    good night

    second night...fine melodic solo set by Eri Yamamoto

    Farmers by Nature started off very softly and was a challenging hour (in a good way) with fine playing by all 3 - Taborn as good as I expect from him.

    Darius Jones quartet - shorter set with the highlights being his playing on a couple of ballad like pieces where his sound raises the roof - Matt Mitchell is fine on piano and Smith and Dunn played well - my wife commented that this was a bit more mainstream and both of us enjoyed it - Jones remains a strong newer voice on the alto saxophone...

    and THEN.....


    yes - I have seen a great many great drummers the past coupl of years and I did see Cooper-Moore with Cleaver's band last December - and I know these guys been playing together forever - supposedly there is nothing new BLAH BLAH

    playing a tribute to the hurting Kalaparush Maurice McIntyre who is suffering with blindness from cataracts, William Parker composed the suite that they just premiered in Montreal last weekend.

    and they go...

    Cecil Taylor is alive, I know

    Paul Bley is alive

    Keith Tippet is alive

    Cooper-Moore is the greatest pianist alive - well my opinion, of course - but for me last night was beyond anything I have ever seen or heard from at the 88 keys. He improvised plays the thematic material better than the 2 wonderful horn players and his excursions into the stratosphere were superhuman - and his comping!!!!!!! this guy played the phases Brown and Barnes improvising *while* they were playing them - and then the elbows, the knuckles and all of it - and he then knew how to bring the sound down, lay out, come back, build up...we heard 3 good to great pianists the first 3 hours - but Cooper-Moore is beyond any of that - genius is genius - it doesn't come often maybe it doesn't happen all the time as he was wonderful last December - but last night - more than that

    but I FORGOT

    Hamid Drake made a fan out of my wife for life - she knows as the *great* Gary Sisco said, that if you bring anyone with an open mind to hear Hamid, they leave knowing they have witnessed the greatest drummer in the world.

    yes - for what he does, He is the greatest drummer in the world - my wife said it best - he isn't a jazz drummer like all the other ones, even her previous favorite Nasheet Waits...she might even have us coming back next Sunday..

    last thing - I told Hamid Monday night that I am bringing my wife on Tuesday to see him and that I told her that she will hear a different or better version of Nasheet..he smiles..he doesn't know me

    last night he remembers - I met your husband last night, etc. and as always he is the nicest person in the room - the most gracious and Barbara (my wife) gave him a hug and a kiss - and I tell him that I hope he says hello to his friend and mine - Ulrich - when he gets back in Chicago

    as my wife said, it was the greatest band she ever saw - she isn't a "jazz fan" but she likes the shows - but this is a band that all should see live - Parker's themes were as strong as anything I have heard from him, Rob Brown was stupendous and Barnes was succinct and cutting - and seeing and hearing William Parker and Hamid Drake 10 feet in front of me connect like no other bassist and drummer do was shown during a duo section with Parker playing Parker and Hamid with just his hands - pure magic and telepathy.

    In Order to Survive

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    Wow.... Very small chance that my family vacation will end up in NY during the festival, which would be a dream come true. Mr. Parker, Roy Campbell, Rob Brown, and Hamid Drake are coming to the Bay Area in May, playing at Yoshi's, a local Santa Cruz spot, and some festival. I'm hoping to catch them at Yoshi's and talk to William again, but its a Wednesday night... We'll see how that goes.

    Thanks for the amazing review, really appreciate it. Have a good time this year, as this truly is an amazing group of artists in the free jazz vein, or any jazz at all. Stunning.
    All the Best,

    My band's site:

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