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Thread: Roadmap to Jazz: From Rock to Jazz

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    Roadmap to Jazz: From Rock to Jazz

    If you like rock, you may also like...

    Date: 16-Apr-1999 11:44:43
    From: dave
    *The first 3 Mahavishnu Orchestra recordings
    *Soft Machine:'Bundles' and 'Softs'
    *Return to Forever: 'Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy'
    *Billy Cobham "Spectrum"
    *Tony Williams' Lifetime: "Believe It" and maybe "Turn it Over" & "Emergency" for the more fearless.
    *Jan Hammer Group: "Oh Yeah"
    *Previte / Doran / Thomas / Helias: "Corporate Art"
    *Miles Davis: "Agartha", "Jack Johnson"
    *Terje Rypdal: "Chaser"
    *Ginger Baker Trio: (the first CD with Haden & Frisell)
    ....many, many other possibilities

    Date: 21-Apr-1999 13:03:43
    From: Lauri Pursiainen (
    Steely Dan:Aja (Marvellous drum work by Steve Gadd)

    Date: 02-Jun-1999 23:04:13
    From: Brian Laine (
    Mr. Bungle- Disco Volante (Jazz-meets-metal freakout!!)

    Date: 21-Jun-1999 03:34:48
    From: John Wilson (
    Try listening to two Jazz Albums by 80's pop stars Hue & Cry. They have been making the transition to Jazz over their 12 year career and are signed to the Scottish Jazz Label 'Linn Records'. Their 1996 release 'Jazz Not Jazz' was likened to Steely Dan's 'Aja' and their new album 'Next Move' is released today 21st June. I have an advanced copy and it's really kicking.

    Want more info, check out our website :-

    Date: 03-Jul-1999 19:26:54
    From: phil (
    Stanley Clarke - Schooldays
    The bass riff of the title track is reminiscent of
    Deep Purples' Smoke On the Water, but he breaks free of the dead end Ritchie Blackmore takes you. Research Stanleys catalogue and the people he worked with ( Chic Corea , Flora Purim etc) and you'll soon appreciate why he wrote his 'song' for John Coltrane.

    Date: 20-Jul-1999 15:44:30
    From: Jeff Gray
    Mahavishnu Orchestra- Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire

    Billy Cobham-Spectrum

    Chick Corea-Return To Forever, Where Have I Known You Before, Crystal Silence

    Herbie Hancock-Headhunters

    Keith Jarrett-Bremen/Lusanne Solo Concerts, the early Atlantic albums(esp. w/ Gary Burton and the American quartet), the early ECM albums(both the American and European quartets)

    Gary Burton-any album

    Date: 13-Sep-1999 22:24:47
    From: dthree (
    No one mentioned Brand X yet?

    Date: 26-Oct-1999 11:34:11
    From: Jeff Buckridge
    If you like fiery Latin Rock, ala Carlos Santana, you will
    appreciate Al DiMeola's work, especially his earlier stuff.
    He's like Carlos on speed, a tad overkill at times, but fun
    never the le

    Date: 24-Nov-1999 08:41:41
    From: krock
    Brand X represents the true fusion rock band. Leaning toward the rock spectrum they are definitely worth listening to. Their first album "Unorthodox Behavior" is a great start. "Morrocan Roll" is their most varied album and really represent what they can do. But it youll like it!

    Date: 29-Nov-1999 11:52:27
    From: Dave Reaboi (
    some downtown suggestions:

    John Zorn & Naked City "Grand Guinol"
    John Zorn & Masada "Live in Middelheim"
    Tim Berne & Bloodcount "UNwound"
    Tim Berne & Paraphrase

    Date: 17-Dec-1999 21:46:58
    From: Micah Holmquist (
    "Ask the Ages" by Sonny Sharrock did the trick for me.

    Date: 02-Jun-2000 17:02:30
    From: Kristopher Hooper (
    Nels Cline made the bridge for me from Sonic Youth, Mike Watt to jazz. Great guitarist!!! Chest by the Nels Cline Trio is great (somewhat like Ask the Ages by Sonny Sharrock). Also, check out his chops on Mike Watt's Contemplating the Engine Room.

    Date: 21-Nov-2000 15:36:09
    From: um...
    how can u find jazz entertaining. I find it tremendously boring

    Date: 08-Dec-2000 22:29:55
    From: manicmike (
    actually, re-transplanted to the Boston scene, just checking out music web-stuff... freak-out!! seeing name-o-Jeff Buckridge... thinkin I know that dude! Cheers mate, good to see you are still rockin! mrule

    Date: 08-Jun-2001 16:46:56
    From: Alvaro (
    -Soft Machine
    -King Crimson -> "Lizard"
    -Kurt Rosenwinkel
    -Al di Meola
    -Companya Electrica Dharma
    -Bill Bruford
    -Eumir Deodato

    Date: 28-Sep-2001 15:43:43
    From: Coypu
    I would suggest two bands who have mixed jazz with technical death metal, the result is a fast furious journey into technical perfection and pure chaos. Theese albums must be heard by any fan of fusion

    Cynic - Focus
    Atheist - Peice of time, Unquestionable pressence and Elements.

    Date: 28-Sep-2001 16:15:54
    From: Coypu
    I forgott Fredrik Thordendal's amazing album - Sol niger within. An album which fuses weird rhythms with some of the most amazing guitarr solos ever recorded!

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    what about the best fusion Rock-Jazz Band from 1968 to 1971 Blood Sweat and Tears.
    International Club of Percussionists

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    Them there’s Bill Chase's early '70's group "Chase".

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    It may sound a bit strange but if someone's into Cream then they are already nearly there.
    Jack Bruce being a jazz musician first has said that he and Ginger Baker wanted to play Jazz but Rock was the thing to play so they got Eric Clapton and played jazz (although they never told Eric this).

    I'd also recommend lots of the 80s UK bands like Pigbag and Weekend if coming from a more punk direction and a lot of the newer bands like Zu and Spaceways Inc.
    (Pigbag being an excellent next step from a lot of the new punk-funk groups like Franz Ferdinand)

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    Hi youngukjazzfan

    Take a step back before Cream, and you will find the Graham Bond Organisation featuring Graham, Ginger and Jack and Dick Heckstall Smith.

    Graham also played with Don Rendell on the Roarin' album.

    There are wheels within wheels

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