If you like bluegrass or country, you may also like...

Date: 02-May-1999 21:14:32
From: Paula Edelstein (paula.edelstein@worldnet.att.net)
Former Bluegrass musician, Pierre Bensusan is an excellent choice for those with a preference for Folk-Jazz.

Date: 17-Sep-2000 23:13:23
From: Pkay
you should pick up any of bela flecks cds. impeccable scorchers

Date: 30-Nov-2000 01:54:51
From: Kevin Kriner (kdkriner@pacbell.net)
Bill Frisell's Nashville.

Date: 29-Aug-2001 21:14:18
From: Will Corkhill
David Grisman quintet/quartet is an acoustic jazz with all the bluegrass instruments except banjo, He is a great mandolin player as well as songwriter. You should definatelly check out his album "hot dawg".

Date: 18-Apr-1999 20:27:47
From: B_Badenov (diba@warwick.net)
The classic "Country Swing" band was Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys. More recently there is Asleep at the Wheel.

About 10 years ago, Chet Atkins and Jethro Burns got jazzy for a while and Chet made an album of jazz standards with Les Paul.

Date: 11-Jun-1999 10:47:45
From: Barry G (stria4@aol.com)
"texas swing" is the link between jazz and country.

Try listening to "Lyle Lovett and his Large Band", or, better yet, an old album by Shelby Lynne called "Temptation". They're both GREAT, and wear well under repeated listenings.

Date: 14-Mar-2001 15:00:29
From: Mike Flowerday (Mikeflowerday@aol.com)
Country/jazz crossover : check out Gary Burton's 'Tennessee Firebird' album on Bear Family label, also, on the same label, 'After The Riot At Newport'. Both are intriguing jazz/country 60s fusions that work very well.

Date: 03-Jul-2001 21:36:53
From: Sid V.
Bill Frisell - Good Dog, Happy Man is a good place to start. A great mix of styles - bluegrass meets jazz meets new age meets blues.