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Thread: Roadmap to Jazz: From Folk to Jazz

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    Roadmap to Jazz: From Folk to Jazz

    If you like folk, you may also like...

    Date: 02-May-1999 21:19:31
    Try Pierre Bensusan's NICE FEELING. It's an excellent 18-tract compilation of folk-jazz impressionism.

    Date: 11-Jun-1999 10:50:58
    From: Barry G (
    One of the first folk artists to head towards jazz was (I believe) Joni Mitchell.

    From there, the jazz/folk path leads to Rickie Lee Jones ("Pirates" is great, as is "Flying Cowboys") and a host of others.

    Date: 19-Jan-2001 00:03:19
    From: Steve Clay (
    Try Bruce Cockburn's 1979 album Dancing in the Dragon's Jaws.

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    Keith Jarrett -"The Mourning of A Star" (if only for the lovely rendition of Joni Mitchell's All I Want)
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    Pentangle surely deserve a mention here?

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    Joni Mitchell herself - an increasing jazz influence from 'Court and Spark' onwards, with appearances from the likes of Wayne Shorter and Herbie Hancock, culminating in the 'Mingus' collaboration.

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    Richard Thompson occasionally knocks off some Djangoish/swing guitar. Listen to his version of 'Rockin' in Rhythm' and his song 'Al Bowly's in Heaven'.

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