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Thread: Roadmap to Jazz: From Blues to Jazz

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    Roadmap to Jazz: From Blues to Jazz

    If you like the blues, you may also like...

    Date: 04-May-1999 18:02:16
    From: Mike C. (
    Anything by Robben Ford, especially "Mystic Mile," "Talk To Your Daughter," "Tiger Walk," and the superb "Handful Of Blues."

    Larry Carlton's "Last Nite" is phenomenal. Has a cover of Miles Davis' "All Blues," an original blues of Larry's, a cover of Miles' "So What."

    Date: 25-Jul-1999 15:18:17
    From: Zondi
    A very good gateway between Blues and Jazz would be 'Midnight Blue/Kenny Burrell' or records of George Benson.
    Sax player Stanley Turrentine is a good choice as well.

    Date: 26-Nov-1999 05:00:06
    From: Stefan Kowarik (
    (Almost) Every good JAZZ standard has a blues feeling. JAZZ without blues is impossible. The direct connection can be seen in many pieces in the traditional 12 bar blues scheme, e.g. "The Sidewinder" (LEE MORGAN); "Blackjack" (DONALD BYRD); "Cantaloupe Island" "Watermelon Man" (HERBIE HANCOCK);
    But there are many more connections between JAZZ and BLUES than just the formal ones. Many JAZZ musicians play(ed) R&B for earning money (e.g. TRANE), many Blues musicians play JAZZ standards (e.g. ALBERT KING: Watermelon Man)

    Date: 03-Jul-2001 21:30:24
    From: Sid V.
    The classic Blue Note albums by Art Blakey, Herbie Hancock, Horace Silver, etc. have a great bluesy feel. Moanin' by Art Blakey is my favorite among these.

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    Methinks this is an obvious choice for starters....

    Duke Ellington/Johnny Hodges - "Play the Blues Back to Back"
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    I'm going to resurrect an old thread because I was wandering through the whole Roadmap stuff and came here. One that really germinated in me for a number of years only to come to full fruition recently is "Count Basie Swings - Joe Williams Sings". Also just about any Jay McShann stuff. Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson is another artist to check out. I remember my dad playing a CD that I think was recorded at one of the Newport Jazz Festivals with him playing some very bluesy stuff along with, IIRC, Cannoball Adderly.
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