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Thread: Alan Silva's Celestial Communication Orchestra

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    Exclamation Alan Silva's Celestial Communication Orchestra

    I got this email today and thought it might be interesting for some members.


    We have a small number of a signed and numbered limited edition (of 385)
    boxed (12-1/4" x 12-1/4" x 1") 4-CD set of Alan Silva's Celestial
    Communication Orchestra (Roy Campbell, Baikida Carroll, Steve Swell,
    Marshall Allen, Bobby Few, Daniel Carter, Kidd Jordan, Bill Lowe, Oluyemi
    Thomas, plus 13 others).

    - These CDs are housed in one of Alan Silva's "Treasure Box" creations.

    - Each box's 4 panels are hand decorated and no two boxes are the same
    (except for the CDs).

    - Price is $130 postpaid in the USA
    - Outside the USA: $150 - $170 depending on area (2-5 day by air courier)

    - This is a limited offer. First come, first serve.

    Shipping charges can be found on our website at:

    *Orders can be made by simply sending an email with the
    order information to:
    We take visa, mc, and discover.

    Our homepage:

    NO WAR !

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    Given that the pprice fopr the 'regular' set is $120 (from the Eremite website; isn't it ****ing expensive for a 4 CD set?), this is not a significant additional expence...

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